This section list all the parameters that can be passed to rabit::Init function as argv. All the parameters are passed in as string in format of parameter-name=parameter-value. In most setting these parameters have default value or will be automatically detected, and do not need to be manually configured.

  • rabit_tracker_uri [passed in automatically by tracker]
    • The uri/ip of rabit tracker
  • rabit_tracker_port [passed in automatically by tracker]
    • The port of rabit tracker
  • rabit_task_id [automatically detected]
    • The unique identifier of computing process
    • When running on hadoop, this is automatically extracted from enviroment variable
  • rabit_reduce_buffer [default = 256MB]
    • The memory buffer used to store intermediate result of reduction
    • Format “digits + unit”, can be 128M, 1G
  • rabit_global_replica [default = 5]
    • Number of replication copies of result kept for each Allreduce/Broadcast call
  • rabit_local_replica [default = 2]
    • Number of replication of local model in check point